Custom Apps

Here is a list of custom applications I have created for myself, but there is no reason you can't use them too!  I am constantly making enhancements to these apps as I use them so if you think a feature would help, email me and I will try to add it in.

Easy 3d - This application allows you to enter simple strings like 0 0 0 1 1 1 to create 3 dimensional objects using html 5.  This requires a modern browser and some imagination.  I like the idea of specifiying objects and seeing the result vs. learning to use a tool like s ketchup.  It just makes more sense to me, so I created a tool.  I use it to model things I am building, you will see some links to them in my posts.

CraigsBrowser - This application searches craigs list rss feeds for sale items.  It allows you to search on a term, pick which cities to search (all 414 of them), and then view and sort the results. 

Achievement Generator - This app uses image manipulation to create achievements like on the xbox.  Its good for generating a chuckle.