Getting Your new Chicks (chickens, turkeys, and ducks)

So the local store called and said my chicks were in at 8PM last night and asked if I can pick them up by 9.  A 30 minute drive later and I was driving home with a box full of 5 bronze turkeys, 5 aracanas chickens, and 5 pekin ducks with the heater blasting because it is only 17 outside.  
This isn't my first go around with chicks, so I ran out to the shed, got my brooder boxes, chick feeders, waters and heat lamps, brought them in the house and set up shop.  
I use paper towels that I swap out a few times a day for bedding, it just quick and efficient to change and doesn't make a huge mess when I do, I know some say its harder on the feet, but it seems soft enough and I have never experienced foot problems so use this tactic.  I do have 2 brooder boxes, but wanted both heat lamps on the same box for a few days to make sure they were warm enough. says it should be 95 degrees in the brooder in the spot under the light the first week, and can drop 5 degrees a week until you reach ambient.  This seems to work for me.  
From what I have read, turkeys don't do the best with chickens and ducks because they are susceptible to diseases the other breeds carry, so I separated them with a barrier.  I added the water, dipped their noses in it, gave them some chick starter feed, then off to bed.
The whole thing sort of looks like a spaceship, but the kids and cats love looking in, and the peeping is one of my favorite things about spring.

Chicken Coop

o I had just moved to the country, and decided I wanted some chickens, problem, I didn't have a place for them.  Well, I wanted to enhance my carpentry skills anyways, so I decided to build a very classic looking chicken coop.  Basically, I created a foundation of cinder blocks, created a 2x6, 16 inch on center sub floor, covered it with plywood and then vinyl, and famed up walls and nesting boxes.Next I covered the outside with plywood and put a roof on, it is roofed with metal.
 Finally, I sided the coop with recycled wood from another shed that needs to come down. 
After that, I painted it barn yard red with white trim.  I built a door for it and put doors over the egg access holes to the nesting boxes.  I also created a frame for an old window I found to swing out in the summer.  I also added a run to the right in 2013 so they can have some protection when I'm not around, but not be cooped up.