Enabling CORS on a MVC 5 Application

I recently created a application using Apache Cordova which uses HTML and Javascript / JQuery to create apps that can be built and deployed to many platforms like Android, IOS, and Windows Phone to name a few.  In doing, this, I adopted the model of selecting data from a REST API I exposed via MVC Web API 2.0 from my webserver.  The problem is, you need CORS exposed on the webserver or the Javascript won't except the response from the request for data to prevent cross site scripting.  I could have set up a proxy, but instead I enabled CORS and it wasn't that hard.  It appears there are several ways to do this including many new libraries like System.Web.Html.Cors and System.Web.Cors that are in the nightly builds from Microsoft but not in the deployed visual studios dev environment yet.  I used nuGet to get a few of them and din't have the best luck as my version of System.Web.Http got confused.  
After some more looking I found you could simply put this in your web.config under system.webserver, and it solved the problem, though less gracefully than in code.

	<add name="Access-Control-Allow-Headers" value="Origin, X-Requested-With, Content-Type, Accept" />
That was it. On my web host, I had to grant full access in the System.Configuration tag as well.