Chicken Coop

o I had just moved to the country, and decided I wanted some chickens, problem, I didn't have a place for them.  Well, I wanted to enhance my carpentry skills anyways, so I decided to build a very classic looking chicken coop.  Basically, I created a foundation of cinder blocks, created a 2x6, 16 inch on center sub floor, covered it with plywood and then vinyl, and famed up walls and nesting boxes.Next I covered the outside with plywood and put a roof on, it is roofed with metal.
 Finally, I sided the coop with recycled wood from another shed that needs to come down. 
After that, I painted it barn yard red with white trim.  I built a door for it and put doors over the egg access holes to the nesting boxes.  I also created a frame for an old window I found to swing out in the summer.  I also added a run to the right in 2013 so they can have some protection when I'm not around, but not be cooped up.